What to Wear

Below you will find some information that will be helpful in planning your wardrobe for your session.  Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have. You may also email me some photos of clothing choices you are considering and I will be happy to give you my feedback and ideas.  


Clothing really depends on what type of session you are going to be doing. Outdoors vs. Indoors, classic vs. fun, etc. When we set up your session date, we can go into this in greater detail which clothing selections will enhance your portraits and produce the best images. I also have several samples of clothing I can email you at that time.

Family Session Clothing Ideas:

I prefer my clients to not "match" but rather "coordinate" their clothing.  For family sessions the best way to do this is to start with one pattern and compliment the others with solids and maybe one other pattern.  Just be sure you do not clash with everyone else in the photo. Here are a couple of clients that I feel like hit the mark with what looks good. Keep in mind they are different styles but both pleasing to the eye.

The photos below will help you get a visual of what I am talking about.


The typical recommendation is to wear long sleeves or 3/4 sleeve for women so that this draws attention to your face and eliminates potential distractions from your arms or legs. The rules are certainly not set in stone so if you prefer wearing short-sleeves tops, or sleeveless; just be aware of the cut of the fabric and make sure it compliments your skin-tone and body-type. 

Darker colors are slimming but if you prefer white (or lighter colored) tops; then combine it with darker pants or dark blue jeans for contrast.

Layering is also a good idea! For example: A tailored or well-cut jacket is a great combination with a light top and jean bottom

Avoid clothing that might make you look larger than you are. Make sure it flatters you. A good rule of thumb is if you feel good in an outfit, you probably look fantastic.

Do not wear a white tshirts under a darker colored shirt. This is a distraction and is easily solved by wearing darker undershirts under darker shirts. 

Avoid outfits that show your tan lines or underclothing (i.e. bra straps).  

For Children:

A lot of clothing choices depends on what type of session we are doing.  I love cute bright outfits. Don't forget the accessories for the little girls too! Headbands, flowers, bows are adorable. Do not worry about finding the perfect shoes. A lot of times these little ones are barefoot anyway. Feel free to bring some of their favorite things and we will try to incorporate them into the photo session. For newborn sessions I would suggest looking at www.etsy.com if there is a particular hat or accessory you might want. They have some adorable items! 


A good rule of thumb is to keep it simple. These photos are about you, not the jewelry. It is really best to leave the watches and big earrings at home.

Finger & toenails

This is a great excuse for that mani/pedi you have been putting off. Your nails will show so please make sure you don't have chipped polish. Avoid bright colors so we don't draw attention to the nails. A french manicure or natural works best. This goes for the little princesses too, unless you specifically want their nails painted for the session.

Hair &Make-up

Avoid trying out a new cut or style and using new make-up before your scheduled session to avoid potential problems.(i.e unflattering haircut, skin breaking out, etc.)  Make-up should be as natural as possible, unless you are going for the glamour look. Shiny lips are great so please bring your favorite lipgloss. Be sure to bring any hair accessories, brushes, rubber bands, hairspray etc. Sometimes  on our outdoor session, wind can be a factor and we might need to touch up the hair.

Skin, Tatoos, Scars

Try avoid getting a sunburn and be aware tan lines are not great in portraits. If your baby or child has a small bruise or bump that can easily be covered. However, if your little one has a major collision we would recommend rescheduling for a later date. Please don't forget to remove the little skull tattoo from little Johnny's birthday party the day before. These are difficult to remove so try to remember to take them off ahead of time. Scars and acne are not automatically retouched , but can be removed at your request. If you need extensive retouching there might be a slight extra charge.


Please note for Headshot sessions for the talent agency, please email me and we can discuss what the agency wants for your particular session.