I am a mother to four wonderful kids. Three that are young adults and one bonus blessing that thinks she runs the house.  There are 16 years between our oldest and youngest, so I truly have all ages covered in this house.  For those of you who have walked with me on this journey, and those who are just beginning with me, thank you! My passion for photography began when I was in high school and was the yearbook editor. Little did I know years later the dream of doing something I love became a reality. There is just something about freezing a moment in time that feeds my spirit. I feel like I have a way of working with people that makes them relax in front of the camera so I can capture their true expressions. I am super laid back and roll with the punches constantly. I love to have fun and I love capturing the unexpected moments. 

When I am not behind my camera, I am usually watching baseball, going for a walk, trying to plan a trip to 30A (my favorite place), reading a good book or watching the latest series on Netflix! I love Jesus, chocolate, and an occasional glass of pinot noir! 

I would love to work with you! My passion is working with my seniors. I love getting these kids to relax in front of the camera so I can capture the real smile!~ I also do families, corporate headshots and some sports teams and banners and schools! Message me today to get on the books or for a quote!